May 25, 2010

Work in Progress: Oil painting I

So I started painting with oils again … I haven’t really finished any painting with oils before, just some silly cute trees and flowers. I used to play a lot with them when I started, I didn’t even remember it. Anyway …
I used a 35×50 cm canvas for the first attempt, it changed many forms and colours … I really should photograph some of them! I would be fun to look at them now. At some point it turned out this perfectly purple tone, so I thought to keep it without smudges.

I just feel to weird these days … I have this voice in my head telling me to make something NEW … make a step forward for me – my art. Sometimes I feel I haven’t done anything good until now, or I should made less and better … and I feel so deeply disappointed with myself. I’m trying to work my head out with oils until I find myself again! .. and that moment will be .. when I finish it!
I’m SO used to acrylics and all the water based media … I just couldn’t possible wait until I finish this to share it with you. It will take a while to finish it, and worse, to let it dry well so I can scan it! Aaaaaaaaah!!! Lucky for me … deep inside.. patience is my greatest virtue ;)