Her eyes...so innocent

by - December 09, 2008

Traditional painting, 50×40 cm
Aquarelle crayons, acrylics, gouache and watercolours on canvas.
My first experiment with aquarelle crayons along with the
materials I often use (acrylics, gouache and watercolours).
Completed: 9 December 2008

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8 Slashes

  1. Greatest hits' time >;)

  2. This is a beautiful work.
    I like her eyes quite exprecivo.
    The bird on his head to it an air of pity and compassion.
    Good Sunday

  3. really haunting and dark. aWESOME:) Great Job!

  4. I find your work to be very beautiful. Glad I found your blog. I would love to see your work in a children's book about dreams/nightmares. You should think of writing/illustrating one, you could make it very beautiful and effective for children who are learning to face their fears. Just wanted to share a thought with you.

  5. Hello Rouble thanks for sharing your media

    I like how you have delt with the lips and the sallow cheeks, and that lovely soft edge around the crows.

    How are you sealing your work when it is finished?

  6. Hello everyone ;)
    Sorry for my late reply! I appreciate all your words.

    @ Andrew, I'd love to answer, but I don't quite understand what you mean with 'sealing my work'(sorry really, my English are too good).