August 28, 2010

Work in Progress... Carousel (oil painting)

Hi, Hope everyone's well and creative :)
I started working in this painting in July 22 and I've took pics in every step ... 
I wanted from the start to share this process with you. It's my 3rd oil painting so things are not comfortable as acrylics and watercolours. I still have to learn things while I enjoy painting.

First pic above (makes me smile every time) .. this is how I started... and many things needed to be correct ... I worked with the bottom of the carousel and made the road surface smooth... then I had the idea to make the carousel standing on the sea... but first of all, I changed the colour tone of the whole painting
(using very diluted oil).

After finishing the tooth-paste-looking sea I start thinking about horses and children ... hm not sure yet how many I will do. In the end I decided to make one horse with a rider. Here you see first the shape I did with white and then the first colours.

.. and suddenly all this dull purple cold tone seems to be so useless and boring .. I started adding pink lines in the bars (now the bars have this tooth paste looking again) .. pink to the roof - just for starters and pink in the sea. I also made the rider.

I woke up the morning to scream "OMG SO much pink"!!!!!!!!!!! ... After the shock I started thinking that the roof is the worse part of all the painting - seriously - and some pinks are just too much pink (the pinks were actually glowing in the light). I started working again, this time I used only white oil to smooth and limit the pink tone. Then I did some more details in the horsie and the rider ... these two are really small and the painting has such texture and rough surface .. it's amazingly hard to make it work.

This is the final stage, but it's not done yet. I haven't sign yet (1) and (2) I want to do some
touches there and there ... and then it's the torture waiting of drying (oh I hate that)!


Much love,