Work in Progress... Untitled

by - April 05, 2011

Traditional painting, 35×45 cm
Oils on canvas
Completed: 4 April 2011

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3 Slashes

  1. Love this. Absolutely LOVE it! It's like from nothingness you're struggling and emerging from the darkness.

  2. Wow that is really an intriguing piece. I love the way the arms pull out of the wall from behind. Very eerie and very cool.

  3. Hi Vincent (again) and TS Hendrik, thank you so so much :)

    It was such a headache to work with the arms! I didn't want them to look like mine and I didn't want to make another whole person behind me either .. I just wanted the hands and it was SO difficult (I think the wall lines worked perfect in the last mo). I'm so thrilled that the whole concept it's clear and not confusing for everyone XD

    Have a great day xx