Work in Progress... 生死

by - February 26, 2012

Traditional painting, 45×35cm
Acrylics and watercolours on canvas.
Completed: January 2012

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5 Slashes

  1. Love seeing the evolution of the hair. Really enjoying the depth and detail. I know I've said similar things before but you have a real talent for wild, flowing hair in you pieces.

    Also, you are very brave for working in a studio with your previous works staring back at you. That would give me the heebie-jeebies!

    1. Hi Vincent, thank you for your comment!

      I keep much more distance from them from what you see in the pics. I have to work in different positions sometimes though and move the painting around the room, so I can 'see' it well. My space is limited but my main issue is the light.
      I usually work close to 'Edward Scissorhands' and 'Lydia Deetz' but they are framed up, so the problem for them to get dirty haha :D!

    2. I understand about the limited space. My works are starting to pile up here and there. It may get to the point that I'll finally have to start selling my artwork just so I can free up the space!