I'm so honored when people ask my permission to have my art tattooed. Please send me any photos once your tattoo is completed and tag me on social media!

Tattoo Permission Fee: 200$

With this payment of you will get a digital copy of a chosen artwork, as well as a written permission to use it as a tattoo. This permission grants you non-exclusive right and one (1) time only use of the chosen image for the purpose of reproducing it a a body art on the form of one (1) permanent tattoo. You may not sell it, modify it, make copies or use it for other purposes without written permission from me.
A reputable tattoo artist will require that you have a signed release from the artist in order to use their art as a basis for your tattoo, before tattooing, in order to avoid copyright infringement issues. If you are a tattoo artist, you do not have permission to add my work(s) to your available tattoos or flash without a contract or a license.